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The True Cost of Wasted Water

I know I know, you have been told your whole life to not waste water.

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth, take shorter showers etc. But have you ever really thought about the total impact of a wasted gallon of water?

I mean really thought about it? 

Like, what is the true cost of belting out the second verse of American Pie in that personal recording studio that is your shower? 


Everyone knows water shortages are a big deal, you’ve seen the news. You’ve watched destitute mothers carrying a few gallons of dirty water miles back to their homes, but has it really changed your behavior??

I mean what good is saving a gallon of water in New York or California going to do for a drought stricken farmer in India am I right??  

Well, it’s got more of an impact than you think. 

Stick with me here for just a second, and I’ll convince your shower loving, pool having, lawn watering, car washing self  to be much more careful with the water you use. 

It’s well established that climate change is a big driver of droughts and water shortages world wide. And water use is a MAJOR consumer of energy.

But do you realize just HOW much energy we use to heat, treat, and move water?? When I did the research, and the math it blew my mind!

So here it goes…

The US alone uses 520bn kilowatt‐hours (kWh) of energy [1] to manage all the water we use.

A kilowatt-hour doesn’t mean much to me, so I converted kWh to gallons of gasoline[2]. 

Turns out 520bn kilowatt-hours of is A LOT of gasoline. 14.23 Million Gallons to be exact.

That’s equivalent to driving your gas guzzling SUV around the entire earth 28,000 times!!! 

Or your Prius the 175,000,000 million miles to Mars and back. 

So yeah… it’s a LOT of energy. 

In terms of Carbon emissions that’s the equivalent of  140,000,000 tons of carbon dioxide pumped into the atmosphere [4]. 

Here are some real life examples:

water usage by activity

 So there you go.

It may not seem like much, but small actions multiplied over billions of people can make a huge difference in the world. 

Take disposable plastics for example. It’s easy to justify that a straw here, a plastic bottle there won’t make a big difference right? 

Well multiply those choices by 7 BILLION and we have a massive problem with plastic pollution.

The equivalent of a garbage truck of trash is dumped into the world's oceans every minute of every day. 

And while it may seem that there’s not much you can do, turning away disposable plastic is one small way you can start. 

An easy way to make a big impact on your Plastic Footprint is to switch to Pavati Beauty for your skin care needs.

Not only do we pick up 1 pound of ocean trash for every item purchased. But we are working to end the beauty industry’s addiction to disposable plastics.

Introducing the Pavati Eco Packs.  These aluminum refill packs are a 100% plastic free, way to get more of that Pavati goodness in your hands. 

See how our Eco Refills can change the world at www.pavatibeauty.com/pages/refills

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