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The Last Person You'd Expect

My little sister just sent me a text and I just about died laughing.

She had just shared our new Pavati Beauty brand on Facebook and got this message from a high school friend of mine

I never in a million years would I have thought that this redneck boy from Idaho would have anything to do with the beauty industry. To be honest 6 years ago I could have named more breeds of cows than beauty brands…

But it’s true over the last 6 years I become gotten in deep. I’ve developed into something of a beauty industry marketing (and ingredients) nerd…

And I want to use that knowledge to make the world better.

When I heard the statistic that the beauty industry creates 141 BILLION units of packaging every year it shocked me.

That’s a huge number, and much of that packaging is plastic…

And only 9% of plastic gets recycled…

Meaning the rest ends up in landfills…or in the ocean.

I am a huge lover of the ocean, and it pains me every time I pick up a bag or a bottle when I am walking along the beach.

So we created Pavati Beauty to specifically tackle the problem of ocean plastic pollution

We figured,

If we can sell high quality, natural products that people love. And use the money to pick up one pound of ocean trash for every item ordered, we could make a massive impact in the worlds oceans.

At Pavati we are tackling plastic waste from both sides.

First we don’t use disposable plastic in any of our products, so we don’t add to the problem.  

Second we are helping to clean up the mess that has already been made, by picking up one pound of ocean trash for every item ordered.

We are on a mission to change the tide of ocean plastic pollution and we hope you’ll join us.

Check out our favorite products at https://pavatibeauty.com/shop

- Greg

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