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Our Story

Divvy skin was born out of… a marital spat. Believe it or not, I started a skincare line to prove a point to my wife (You probably have no trouble believing that. A man being stubborn isn’t all that surprising).

Anyway, the story goes that my wife came home one day with some new skin serum that she’d heard about, and within a day or so she was raving about it. A couple of days later, I was raving about it, too. Her skin felt amazing—even I could tell a difference. But then I saw the charge for the skin product on our bank statement.

Soft skin was not worth that price. $125 for skin goo?!?!?! I was definitely going to put my foot down about this. Right out of a 1950s sitcom, we were Lucy and Ricky Ricardo arguing about how much she spent at the modern day equivalent of the beauty parlor.

Me: this is absurd. Nothing that comes in a bottle this tiny should cost $125!

Her: You’re cheap! You don’t understand what beauty products cost!

First of all, I’m not cheap. I’m frugal. Second of all, I actually do know what beauty products cost. I worked adjacent to the skin industry, doing marketing for the hair industry. I know what kinds of margins companies are selling these products at, I know how little they actually cost to produce and package. And I kind of wanted to branch out, anyway.

So, here we are. I told my wife I could bottle and sell a similar (if not better) product at a phenomenally lower cost. She rolled her eyes at me. So with more than a little input from family and friends...Divvy skin exists.

Because I know you’re wondering, yes, my wife loves this product. She grudgingly admitted to me that she likes it better than the original product, although not until we got the packaging just right. She’s got standards that way.



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