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Refill Packs


In 2018 over 141 BILLION units of packaging were created by the beauty industry. Roughly 60% of those were plastic packages, most of which weren't recycled.

The only real way to combat plastic pollution is to use less plastic which is why Pavati sends our 100% plastic free eco refill packs instead of new bottles when our customers re-order



We have been told for years that if we just recycle our plastic there wouldn't be a plastic problem... But the facts say otherwise.

  • Just 9% of plastic gets recycled into new products
  • Much of the plastic you recycle at home ends up in the incinerator or landfill because nobody wants it.
  • It costs more to recycle plastic than to create new plastic from oil
  • Plastic can only be recycled 2-3 times before being "down cycled" into products like carpet, insulation, or landfill liners.

Recycling won't solve the plastic epidemic. We are more likely to find an undiscovered island of talking unicorns than recycle our way out of the plastic epidemic.


Like most things in the world if it can make someone money they will solve the problem. Which is why we don't see aluminum filling up our landfills and oceans...recycling aluminum actually makes sense.  

  • Aluminum is recycled 3x more often than plastic
  • Aluminum can be recycled an unlimited number of times
  • Recycled aluminum uses 95% less electricity than refining new aluminum.
  • Aluminum is the most abundant metal in earths crust
  • Aluminum is a naturally occurring element not a synthetic product that never breaks down
  • Even if aluminum isn't recycled it doesn't float around our oceans endangering sea life.


What happens if my bottle breaks?

If anything happens to your bottle or pump and you want a new one, just shoot us an email at hello@pavatibeauty and we'll send out a new one right a way, or with your next order. Your choice.

How do I open my refill pack?

We decided to forgo the traditional caps with the pointy end that puncture the aluminum seal because... well, because plastic. You can use anything pointy like a pen, the back end of a makeup brush or the tip of the applicator from your Pavati bottle to pierce the seal and empty the contents into your Pavati bottle.

How do I make sure I get all the product out?

Just the same as you would with a toothpaste tube. If you roll or squeeze from the top of the tube to the bottom you'll get most of the product out.

Is Pavati Cruelty Free?

Absolutely we are. Not just cruelty free, but all our products are vegan as well.

Have another question?

Have any other questions? Please contact us at hello@pavatibeauty.com and we'll get back to you right away.


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