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Apricity Serum
Apricity Serum
Apricity Serum
Apricity Serum
Apricity Serum
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Apricity Serum

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(n.) the warmth of sun in winter

Apricity Serum is a powerful formula for delivering age defying natural botanicals. This  anti oxidant formula features high concentrations of bio-available Vitamin C in a moisturizing vegan Hyaluronic Acid base. Leaving your skin hydrated, and ready for anything.

  • Fades sun spots and discoloration
  • Refines skin texture
  • Reduces wrinkle formation
  • Minimizes appearance of existing lines and wrinkles. 
  • 15ml - 0.5oz reusable glass bottle
Water, Hyaluronic Acid (vegan sourced), Collagen, (vegan sourced), Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C) Leucidal. 

About Us

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We believe businesses should make the world a better place. Call us crazy, but to us that DOESN’T mean creating billionaires, to us that doesn’t mean fancy cars and private jets for a few. To us making the world a better place means making the world safer, cleaner, and more just place for everyone.

We know there are many ways to make the world better, but we have chosen to focus on what we know best.

Please take a couple of minutes to watch our “Manifesto Video.” We didn’t start Pavati to be just another beauty company. We want to show the world that Beauty, and business, can be done better.


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Why focus on plastic pollution when there are so many other problems in the world?


We understand there are thousands of ways to make the world better, some you could argue are more important than plastic pollution. We chose to focus on plastic pollution for a couple reasons.

First, it’s near and dear to our hearts. We have spent a lot of time in and by the ocean, amazed at its wild beauty. Each time you see trash wash up on the beach, or you have to cut a turtle caught in a fishing line dragging a string of plastic bags lose (true story) it reminds you that the majestic beauty of the ocean is in peril.

Second, the ocean is a MAJOR source of food, employment for people around the world. Fish stocks are collapsing, causing untold suffering to fishing communities around the world that has a cascading effect that impacts millions of lives in more ways than just the inconvenient reminder that we have been treating our oceans as a landfill for much of the last century.  

Third, our planet, our only home, is in peril. We are in the midst of a mass extension event where species are dying out at an alarming rate. It is estimated that 50-80% of all life on this planet lives in the oceans if we destroy ocean life we have little chance of survival as a species... so we think it's a pretty big deal.  

How long have you been in business? 


We have been selling these same beauty products since 2018 under a different brand Divvy Skin. That brand was created to address some of the problems we saw in the beauty industry, namely over hyped products gouging peoples wallets. But we found something interesting… the beauty industry has done such a good job adverting that they believe expensive = better that it never gained traction.

We didn’t want to abandon the concept of Beauty Done Better so we raised our prices some, and rather than paying more for fancy marketing, or padding our pockets we would use that extra money to make the world better. So in early 2020 we rebranded to Pavati Beauty and combined a two passions, conservation, and reforming the beauty industry.

Do you recycle the items you pickup?


The short answer is no.

Long answer, is we recycle a small amount of it, most of the plastic pulled from the ocean has been degraded by the sun to a point where it’s not really useful for recycling.

In addition to that we aren’t big believers in plastic recycling.  The fact is plastic recycling doesn’t work,  only 9% of plastic gets recycled into new things. The plastic that is recycled is almost always “down cycled” Meaning your old water bottle isn’t turned into a new water bottle, it’s turned into fibers for carpet and clothes… which can’t be recycled again. At best plastic can be recycled 2-3 times, then it either ends up in the landfill, the incinerator, or the ocean.

Which is why we believe that reducing plastic consumption is the most important thing we can do. Check out our page on our Eco Refill packets for more info there.

Why focus on beauty products?

We sell beauty products because we come from a background of working in the beauty industry so we are intimately familiar with it’s short comings… and why try to learn a whole new industry when our primary goal is to make the world better. We figured we could start faster and make a bigger impact by focusing on the devil we know.   

Another major reason is that we want our products, our bottles, and our brand to be a constant reminder to do a bit better, and what better way than incorporating that reminder into your daily routine?

Your bottles have plastic caps, how can you claim you are disposable plastic free?


This is a problem we struggled with A LOT, but we came to the conclusion that, as Winston Churchill said, “Perfection is the enemy of progress”

We spent months researching other options for our packaging, and found those plastic pumps and droppers are insanely convenient, trying to use the products without them was just a massive hassle. Trying to make new ones without plastic is insanely expensive.

So we came up with another solution. Our Eco Refill Packets made out of aluminum. Instead of buying a new bottle every time, and consequently throwing out your old one, you can just refill your bottle. Not only is it better for the planet, but it saves you money too. Pumps and bottles are fairly expensive, so we give you a discount when you order refill packs, not only to because it costs us less to produce, but we want to incentivize you using less plastic.

I have been using the same bottle of our Petrichor Cleanser in my shower for over 18 months. It still works, and it saved ~18 bottles going in the trash… That’s a 94% reduction in plastic usage, and that is progress I can live with.

I love what you are doing how can I get involved?

Thanks for your support! There are a couple of ways you can get involved, first and easiest is to purchase our products and help support our mission. Second you can share our "Manifesto Video" with your friends.

We have an annual Pavati Pickup event in Portland, Maine every year, if you are in New England you sign up for our news letter to get notified of that even.

And if you are a blogger, or journalist we have press kits. Reach out to us at press@pavatibeauty.com to get in touch.

Have another question?

Have any other questions? Please contact us at hello@pavatibeauty.com and we'll get back to you right away.


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See #PavatiPickup in action:

We take a picture of each pound of trash we pickup and track it's location so you can follow along with our journey.


All products come backed with the Pavati Promise. If you don't love anything you purchase from Pavati, let us know and we'll refund your purchase AND STILL pick up one pound of ocean trash.

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